Rhythm of Nature!

Love it's rustling sound and more leaves

With our Rhythm of Nature quality mark, we want to tell you the special story of this exclusive houseplant. Only the best plants are specially selected for Rhythm of Nature. We are also constantly seeking new Calathea species, which will be exclusively available in the Rhythm of Nature line.


We love plants

With the Calathea’s unique characteristics, such as its day and night rhythm, decorative leaves, wide colour spectrum and easy care, Rhythm of Nature stands for everything the Calathea has to offer. ”A unique piece of artistic greenery in the home”

Group 4886.png

Day mode

The leaves open under the influence of light.

Group 4888.png

Night mode

As the day progresses and dusk falls, the leaves close around the plant.

Group 4890.png


Give the plant a splash of water twice a week and your home will be filled with the ‘Rhythm of Nature’ for months.


Air purifying

Calatheas absorb harmful substances from the air through their leaves and release water vapour into the air, improving humidity.



The Calathea is ideal for a shady environment.

Day and night rhythm

Calathea is a plant with a remarkable nickname – ‘Living Plant’ – that reinforces how special it really is. This decorative foliage plant, native to the Brazilian jungle, has its own day and night rhythm. As the amount of light decreases, the leaves close and you can even hear them rustle. So the plant has its own ‘Rhythm of Nature’.

Rhythm plant overdag Rhythm plant nacht


overdag_2png.jpg nacht_2png.jpg


Want to sell Rhythm of Nature too?

  • Unique story for the consumer
  • Modern colour combination
  • Higher turnover rate
  • Versatile and self-propagated range
  • Attractive presentation of the Calathea on the shop floor
  • Ready-made presentation that can be placed on the shop floor
  • Changing selection
  • Possible in your own house style

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