About us

Gebr.Valstar B.V. is active in breeding, propagating and producing Calathea varieties and can call itself the world’s largest producer.


A large number of decorative species

A large number of decorative species have been successfully bred and introduced to the market. Around 60 varieties are currently known, of which we currently trade around 25 commercially. Breeding Calatheas is a continuous process that has also made a name for the company. Our own varieties such as the ‘Greystar’ and ‘Triostar’ have already won a Holland Award for the best innovation in plant cultivation.

Cultivation under optimal conditions

The Calathea requires a special approach in its cultivation technique. The plant grows in the wild as a shade plant, so it isn’t a fan of the sun. If there is too much sunlight, the leaves soon curl up. The three branches of Gebr.Valstar B.V. have the ideal climatic conditions for cultivating Calathea. Screen installations protect the plants against the sun from early spring and the humidity is high.

Kas gebr Valstar

Years of experience

With their years of experience cultivating Calathea, the staff can optimally anticipate the latest trends: compact growth and a bushy plant. The growing time varies greatly by pot size. From cuttings to deliverable plants it ranges from 12 to 52 weeks. At our nurseries, the Calathea is grown in various pot sizes to suit different uses of this decorative plant.

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