Towards a greener world

We are committed to a greener world and we focus on sustainable solutions. Read below how we grow in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


MPS certificate


Gebr. Valstar B.V. is a certified MPS grower and uses minimal chemicals to combat diseases and pests in the crop. We pay the utmost attention to biological protection in our cultivation and seek a natural way to combat insect pests as far as possible.

Incinerating waste


The Calathea is a tropical plant and therefore needs a warm environment. At our Roosendaal location, we reuse the heat released when incinerating waste in collaboration with PreZero Energy.



CHP stands for combined heat and power. With CHP we generate our own energy and heat, which we then use for our greenhouse.


Solar panels


Our Maasland location has been equipped with solar panels since 2018. Solar panels with a yield of 72,600 watt peak have been installed on the company premises. We use the power of the sun to generate usable energy. Thanks to the solar panels, we can also use electricity in a sustainable way.

Geothermal energy


We have been connected to geothermal energy at the Maasland location since 2018. We have made investments, together with surrounding companies, in this still new form of energy. It’s a risky investment but a great opportunity to reduce our CO₂ emissions. In this way we are choosing a more sustainable future for our Calathea cultivation in the Netherlands.

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