It is precisely the specific characteristics of the Calathea, such as the day and night rhythm, broad colour spectrum and easy care, that offer a unique opportunity to tell the consumer a clear and striking story.

No other green houseplants lend themselves to this story, which is why we have developed the Rhythm of Nature concept for you and your customers. This gives the Calathea a completely new dimension and conveys to the consumer what makes this plant so unique.

Rhythm of Nature stands for everything the Calathea has to offer.


POS material

A card holder is placed on either side of the table with a colourful banner clearly explaining the Rhythm of Nature. An A3 poster in a stand is placed on the table, listing all the Calathea’s unique properties.

Full-colour sleeve

A full-colour sleeve with a unique barcode is available for both pot sizes 12 and 17 cm.


Rhythm of Nature transport box

We can also deliver Rhythm of Nature without a sleeve. We have developed a special box for pot sizes 12 and 14 in which 5 boxes go on a ‘Danish’ layer. For the larger pot sizes (17, 19 and 21 cm), a 75 cm tall Danish box is available.

Rhythm of Nature label

All Rhythm of Nature plants are provided with a unique Rhythm of Nature label that clearly conveys the message of the day and night rhythm. 

List of the benefits offered by Rhythm of Nature:

  • Unique story for the consumer
  • Modern colour combination
  • Higher turnover rate
  • Versatile and self-propagated range
  • Attractive presentation of the Calathea on the shop floor
  • Ready-made presentation that can be placed on the shop floor
  • Changing selection
  • Possible in your own house style

Want to sell Rhythm of Nature too?

Calathea, part of the Marantaceae family, is Gebr. Valstar’s speciality. With more than forty years of experience in growing Calathea, we are an innovative supplier that prioritises reliability. Contact us to discuss the possibilities of including Rhythm of Nature in your range. 

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